Hi, I’m Josh.  I’m an Emmy-nominated freelance designer and VFX artist currently based out of the beautiful wine country of Northern CA.  I’ve spent the past 12 years building my career and experience in the design epicenter of Los Angeles, but now I find myself liking the view of oak trees over the sprawling concrete jungle.  My passion is striving to bridge the gap between the highly technical craft of visual effects / simulation and the spirit of motion design.  I have a background and degree in film production and a keen interest and aptitude for cinematic composition and story-telling - my number-one goal is a beautiful, dynamic and engaging image.

I am lucky enough to have been blessed with opportunities, friendships, and comradery that have allowed me to make a living doing what I absolutely love.  Not many can say that.  I’m very proud of what I am able to do for people, and trying new processes and techniques absolutely excites me.  When I’m not on the box, I am most often building things out of wood (I come from a family of carpenters), taking photos, working on my ’72 bronco (which I’m proud to say I’ve had since I was 14), or riding my Yamaha Stryker around the winding, vineyard roads.

“Anyone can come up with the same idea, or tell the same story.  It’s been done thousands of times before and it will continue to be done.  What sells it is in the details and the execution’s commitment to the integrity of the vision.”

Josh’s principal design criterion:  

Teeth, Brains and Balls

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